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L-R: Jeff Quigley, Bronwyn Quigley, Sandra Robertson, Kath Mentink. Image: Donald Reid

Members of the Ellesmere Business and Promotions committee,  re-enact a historic artistic moment, whose 50th anniversary was 26 September 2019.


EBP challenge others to create similar, or even better images, which recall that the striking artwork of The Beatles 11th Album 'Abbey Road' which was a milestone in rock history, as the cover was the first to be text-free, and has become one of the most imitated images of all time.


So, if your Ellesmere Communiy has a 'zebra crossing' , or you wish to use one of Leeston's, simply go to it ... then send your best shot to:


donald@informationmatters.co.nz for  display here


 EBP's facebook page.